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ARCHITECT’S ADVICE: How to effectively match furniture to a natural floor?

Wood is a popular material in interior design. A natural floor makes rooms look cozier and it is also highly functional. However, many of us find it challenging to match a wooden floor with wooden interior furnishings.

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ARCHITECT’S ADVICE: Strong entrance - which floor for the hallway?

The floor in a hallway has a difficult task. So, do we have to choose a concrete floor or tiling for this part of our apartment? Nothing could be further from truth! However, when selecting natural wood, we should remember about a few basic principles.

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Antiquated floors – a new technology in retro style

Natural floors have enjoyed unflagging popularity for many years. Recently, the product of the day in interior design is an antiquated floor - with explicit drawing of grains and a characteristic appeal reflecting the raw beauty of wood.

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ARCHITECT'S ADVICE: Urban apartment in a glamour style – which floor should we choose?

Glamour interiors are captivating due to their radiance, splendor and luxurious ambience. For some they stand for wealth and modernity and others consider them kitschy and in bad taste.

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ARCHITECT'S ADVICE: The advantage of natural over laminated floors

A floor is a long-term investment. Many of us wonder which floor is better – artificial or natural? Although laminated and natural floors share many properties we should remember that an artificial product could never replace a natural one.

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