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Duży katalog podłóg Jawor-ParkietDuży katalog podłóg Jawor-ParkietKatalog podłóg Jawor-ParkietKatalog podłóg Jawor-Parkiet

Wooden floors


FertigDeska Jesion Linea Bursztyn i Koniak (Termo) rekomendowane do konkursu Dobry Wzór 2014 EN




Z dumą możemy poinformować, że nasz produkt – linia FertigDeska Jesion Linea Termo – został zakwalifikowany do pierwszego etapu ogólnopolskiego Konkursu Dobry Wzór 2014 na najlepiej zaprojektowane usługi i produkty na rynku polskim w kategorii "Sfera Domu".

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Jawor-Parkiet floors with the "Teraz Polska" ("Poland Now") Emblem




In the garden of the Presidential Palace in Warsaw the President of Jawor-Parkiet accepted the "Teraz Polska" Emblem awarded by the Jury of this prestigious competition for our flagship products: FertigDeska and FertigDeska Luxury.

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Bella Ciao! We will soon celebrate the premiere of #new Color Inspiration




Exceptional atmosphere and landscapes of Italy don’t cease to inspire. Wooden floors’ manufacturer - Jawor-Parkiet starts a new year with the premiere of a brand new palette of our ever popular Color Inspiration collection. The colors of Italian nature and modern technology used in the production of FERRO, CALDO, FANGO, SABBI and MARONE floors, have turned wood into art.

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We invite you to Domotex 2020




The beginning of the new year is a must for Jawor-Parkiet to visit Hanover and participate in the Domotex International Carpet and Floor Covering Trade Fair. This year's theme ATMYSPHERE is particularly close to us, because by creating space around us we create atmosphere and relationships. As a manufacturer of wooden floors, we are convinced that well-matched and arranged elements in the interior in which we stay have a positive effect on our well-being. Therefore, if you want to feel good, visit our stand at the German fair.

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Chevron Alabastro from Jawor-Parkiet with Main Award at Good Design 2020 Competition




The design and colour of this wooden floor stole hearts of many persons. The group of its lovers was joined by the jury of Good Design 2020 (Dobry Design) competition, which gave the main award to FertigDeska Chevron Dąb Color Alabastro in the ‘Floors and Walls’ category. It confirms the highest class of the product, both in terms of raw material and design. The considerable interest in Chevron Alabastro proves that the collection is universal, timeless, and beautiful. The award is an honour for us, according to the management of our firm.

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Trends for 2017: selecting a floor for our house or apartment while following the trends [Part 2]

The second part of the article devoted to solutions which make our interiors fashionable but at the same time preserve their uniqueness. Should we design any room in our apartment in a more eco-friendly way? read more →

ARCHITECT’S ADVICE: How to effectively match furniture to a natural floor?

Wood is a popular material in interior design. A natural floor makes rooms look cozier and it is also highly functional. However, many of us find it challenging to match a wooden floor with wooden interior furnishings. read more →

ARCHITECT’S ADVICE: Strong entrance - which floor for the hallway?

The floor in a hallway has a difficult task. So, do we have to choose a concrete floor or tiling for this part of our apartment? Nothing could be further from truth! However, when selecting natural wood, we should remember about a few basic principles. read more →

Antiquated floors – a new technology in retro style

Natural floors have enjoyed unflagging popularity for many years. Recently, the product of the day in interior design is an antiquated floor - with explicit drawing of grains and a characteristic appeal reflecting the raw beauty of wood. read more →

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