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Ecological floors

In the western part of the Masurian region, in Nowe Miasto Lubawskie, where from more than 25 years our headquarters has been located, we produce wooden floors of the highest quality. Surrounded with lush green forests and clean lakes we are close to nature every day. It is nature which inspires us to our work. Respect for natural environment and requirements related to its protection are reflected in each stage of the floors production. Environmental protection is a part of our policy, it also constitutes an important element of our long-term development strategy.

Only wooden floors have so many advantages – they are beautiful and exceptionally durable, also completely ecological – easy to store and utilize. The Jawor-Parkiet produts are safe both for humans and enviroment, consist of only natural raw materials and for its preservation only

Social and enviromental aspect of economy

Keeping in mind the meaning of wood in the environment, we treat it with due respect. We use only high quality wood to produce our floors – 90 percent of our raw material comes from the Polish forests, where the management is conducted with preserving the constancy of ecosystems, its balanced development and environmental protection. The remaining 10 percent of the raw materials used for the production comes from exotic species. Purchasing them we check closely the source where they come from, thus we comply with the EU regulations (EUTR).

The confirmation of our production standars according to the highest world norms of the responsible forest management is the FSC® certificate (Forest Stewardship Council). The FSC® logo can be found on raw materials and products of the companies who implemented the standards from Controlled Wood Certification FSC® and positively passed an audit of an accredited certifying entity.

The reduction of CO2 emission

In order to reduce of the influence of industrial activities on the environment we regularly conduct pro-ecological modernisations. In our manufactures we produce from the post-
production remains high quality biofuel - fireplace briquettes. Using renowable sources of energy in the process of production allows for significant CO2, suplphur dioxide and oxide of nitrogen reduction. In order to minimalize our further influence on the environment we use electro-filters, which purify gas from the dust produced in the combustion process.

FSC® certification system

FSC® is the first and currently the most popular globally forests and wooden products certification system. The system is based on the number of regulations how to manage forests properly and also on the methods of its verification.

 The standards describe also the rules of tracking a raw material from the forest to a consumer in a way that guarantees that the products with FSC® logo actually come from the forests meeting the restrictive requirements.
The FSC® logo is a registered mark of responsible forestry. Placed on a product means that the raw material used for its production comes from the forests managed according to the standards of the proper forest management.
The condition to obtain the certificate is to conduct forest management taking into consideration all the legal regulations of the country, international treaties and agreements of which the country is a co-signatory. It is obligatory to comply with the rules and meet the critieria for the certificate.
The process of certification is based on three main rules:

  •  the standards which describe how to conduct forest management and the audit procedure examining the compliance of the management with the standards
  •  the system of controlling the source of a product in each company processing forest products
  •  the rules of using the certificate logo on the products coming from certified forests.


Hygienic atests

 The National Institute of Public Health (NIZP) grants atests which aim at preventing from the introduction to the use materials threatening human health and life.
Each hygienic atest refers to one product or material. NIZP verifies if the product contains any harmful substances. The document is issued on the basis of the examinations and professional evaluations which cover not only declared chemical composition of the materials and products, but also the form of its use, technical descriptions, the method and range of use. The documentation includes also the results from examining its influence on the environment in which it is supposed to be used.
The atest constitutes a confirmation that the product does not influence negatively human health and life if it is used according to the producer‟s recommendations.

The certificate of compliance

 The Certification Centre of Wood Industry Products from the Wood Technology Institute in Poznan conducts the certification of the domestic and imported wooden products for the compliance with national requirements and also European, international and other documents (e.g. technical approvals).
The certificates are granted only to those products which have the same features as the sample given for examination. The analysis and the assessment of certifying documents are conducted in two steps:

  •  content-related assesment of the product examination results with the document of reference providing the basis for certification,
  •  the analysis of the protocol from the control of the Technical-Organisational Conditions.

The certificates are granted for the period of three years. When the certificate is valid the supervision is conducted including periodical control of the technical-organisational conditions and the assessment of the product examination.

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