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A Scandi style - design that goes hand in hand with functionality

The Scandinavian style ranks as one of the leading global interior design trends. Some love it for its minimalism and functionality and some for its natural character and simplicity. In terms of interior design, this style is always a great challenge. See how to address the challenge!

Raw landscapes of the North captivate with their snow-white horizon lines and a unique atmosphere. These landscapes and the Scandinavian, minimalist lifestyle inspired one of Warsaw designers to create the interior, which combines classics and simplicity with original architectural solutions.

“Scandinavians are minimalists who particularly value good design. They do not like to surround themselves with unnecessary things, whereas the carefully selected ones that can be found in their interiors form the thought-through and consistent whole. Thus, a significant challenge for an architect is to design a comfortable space, which is refined in detail and constitutes a subtle background for the family life,”says Marta Wypych, the owner of a design studio who has recently started designing a two-story, over seventy-meter apartment in the Warsaw district of Białołęka.

Originality inspired by nature

The project promotes the ageless preciousness of natural materials. Raw and monochrome interiors become cozier owing to stone and fabric - delicate linen and thick wool. The whole looks warmer thanks to a perfectly matched floor - a two-layer FertigParkiet Color Inspiration Oak Color Avorio by Jawor-Parkiet. The floor is preserved by oil-wax, which reflects the sunlight in a very subtle way, highlighting the unique beauty of the natural raw material. This kind of finish gives an original, eco-style effect and is a guarantee of functionality. Oil-wax penetrates the wood structure preserving the floor surface and enabling spot renovations. It is particularly important in the case of apartments belonging to families with small children or pets.

Lightness beyond divisions

Scandinavian interiors - bright and full of light - look very spacious. To reinforce this effect even more, the floor is the same in the entire apartment. The solution helps avoid divisions and visual zoning thus making the interiors look bigger. The parquet in a diagonal herringbone pattern, running from the entrance into the apartment, makes the peaceful interiors a little more dynamic, whereas, the white walls add some lightness to the rooms by reflecting the sunlight. Multiple sources of light zone the space, which means that the apartment does not lose its delicacy and coziness. The effect is enhanced by the use of the same varnish color for baseboards and doors, resulting in an elegant connection with doorframes. Owing to the application of the classic white, the baseboards do not make the walls look shorter and the doors do not stand out.


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