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ARCHITECT’S ADVICE: How to effectively match furniture to a natural floor?

Wood is a popular material in interior design. A natural floor makes rooms look cozier and it is also highly functional. However, many of us find it challenging to match a wooden floor with wooden interior furnishings. Check what to bear in mind when tailoring furniture to a floor.
  1. Choose the style of your interiors

    If we want the interior we design to look stylish, we should pay attention to every detail of its decor. The basic issue we have to face is the right matching of wooden complements, e.g., furniture and a wooden floor surface. As highlighted by Anna Dvořák-Zamiara from AZ ARCHITEKTURA design studio in Warsaw, the style we chose for our interiors is fundamental.

When arranging our apartment in a Scandinavian style, we usually choose bleached and raw floors or those made of naturally-colored wood. Boards and parquets in such colors go best with classic oak, gray or black furniture or furniture made of bleached wood. For the best effect, we should also make sure that throughout the interior bright and cold colors are intertwined and there are such expressive details as, e.g., original lamps. The same applies to a Provencal decor. In this case, however, we may also go for antiquated, sponged furniture with decorative fittings.

Still, many of us decide to arrange our interiors traditionally. When decorating interiors in a classic style, we may choose virtually any color of boards and parquets. Floors made of naturally-colored wood, bleached or dark will be perfect for such a design. In this case, furniture should be selected based on a simple principle - we couple dark furniture and a bright floor and vice versa - dark planks and parquets will be a perfect match for bright furniture. This will ensure a horizontal-vertical contrast, the floor will not blend with furniture and our interior will look more spacious.


  1. Specify a floor pattern

    It is also worth remembering that when matching furniture we should pay attention to a pattern in which natural boards or a parquet are laid. This will be of significance if we choose a French herringbone-patterned floor. Then, it will be best to go with simple furniture, without any sophisticated fixtures or embellishments so that it is in harmony with the floor, which in itself is very eye-catching.


  1. Pay attention to the style of furniture and design accessories

    Today, we more often choose antiquated floors. If we are looking to achieve an effect of a large, idyllic interior we should match them with retro furniture or furniture with decorative sponging. Whereas, if our focus is on originality, we may couple such floors with craft furniture, i.e., hand-made furniture with a rough surface. It may be decorated with metal elements. Such an interior will be best complemented by a table with a thick, oak top on metal, black legs or a metal console table with a glass top. A great match for such furniture will be also white kitchen furniture with stylish fronts. On the other hand, if we want to achieve a contrast between a rustic floor surface and furniture we may choose vintage furniture or currently popular furniture reminding the style of 1960 and 1970s. Additionally, accessories in the form of, e.g., a wire armchair are a great match for such interiors.


The text was prepared by Annę Dvořák-Zamiarę z pracowni AZ Architektura.


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