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ARCHITECT’S ADVICE: kitchen connected to living room – what floor should we choose?

ARCHITECT’S ADVICE: kitchen connected to living room – what floor should we choose?

Nowadays, the most common interior arrangements consist in connecting kitchens to living or dining rooms. Opening to other rooms gives us space, light, more arrangement possibilities, and easier contact with persons in the kitchen or living room. But what should we do about the floor? We have several possibilities.

 Small apartments can be visually enlarged by installing a wooden floor in all rooms. It will eliminate dividing lines, which narrow the space. However, it is necessary to remember that a wooden floor in the kitchen and hall is more easily damaged, which is why the kind of floor used in these rooms should be more stable, hard, and resistant to humidity, e.g. doussie, merbau or oak.

In the case of larger apartments or those with arrangements suggesting separation, a kitchen floor and living room floor may differ. If we decide on a wooden floor in the living room we may install terracotta, gres or granite in the kitchen. It is necessary to remember about a dividing line, which should be connected to points designating edges. These may be the edges of an island, semi-island, wall corner or furniture.

If the apartment’s floor area leaves room for a small kitchenette, we can install a strip of gres or terracotta along it in order to separate the kitchen and secure the floor against damage.

In each case it is important to make sure that the heights of the wooden floor and tile flooring are identical. It is also recommended to leave between them a narrow dilatation line filled with e.g. cork.

(A photo shows a kitchen with the FertigParkiet Dąb Classic Bielony floor)


The text was prepared by Cat Inside Interior Design (designs, advisory, execution, supervision)


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