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ARCHITECT'S ADVICE: Urban apartment in a glamour style – which floor should we choose?

Glamour interiors are captivating due to their radiance, splendor and luxurious ambience. For some they stand for wealth and modernity and others consider them kitschy and in bad taste.

A glamour style is one of the most popular trends in interior design. It consists in the combination of different, seemingly distant elements, thus giving a sense of splendor and elegance. Antique furniture enriched with pop-art upholstery, details with high gloss finish, crystal chandeliers, luxurious accessories or big, expressive and bold patterns are the glamour style dominants. It is undeniable that the choice of floor is an essential element of a glamour interior arrangement.

According to many handbooks, floors in glamour interiors should be shiny and showy. However, the choice depends on other materials used in the interior, size and height of rooms, etc. Wood is a good match for decorative interiors. Glamour apartments are usually completed with dark wood, which goes well with accessories in plum and amaranth. Arrangements with bright floors, which match white colors, will be as effective. The rich decor of our apartment will be best highlighted by natural and exposed wood grain. There are not many limitations concerning the fitting of glamour floors - both standard as well as herringbone pattern, which is back in favor, will look great. Despite the pattern, the floor should be of the best quality possible.

Glamour provides the possibility to finish parquet in any way. Varnished floors are the most common. A glossy floor will provide the interior with elegance and optically enlarge small rooms. Another good choice is raw-looking parquet, provided that it will be matched with upscale wall materials.

A glamour style will also work in apartments with an open space, e.g. kitchen connected to living room. A chilly kitchen floor can be separated, e.g. by means of a tile strip or a wooden plank laid in different pattern

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