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ARCHITECT'S ADVICE: The advantage of natural over laminated floors

A floor is a long-term investment. Many of us wonder which floor is better – artificial or natural? Although laminated and natural floors share many properties we should remember that an artificial product could never replace a natural one.

An advantage of natural floors over laminated ones can be described in one sentence: wood equals esthetics, safety, savings, comfort and usability. Moreover, wooden floors are much better looking. Natural properties of the raw material and its unique look add to coziness and grandeur of the interior. The selection of natural floors is rich and diverse.  We can choose from numerous surface variations (brushing, chamfering, oiling, varnishing etc.), tones and tints, thus easily adjusting the floor to individual needs. Thanks to all that, wood stands for comfort and a sense of style..

Natural floors are a great solution for allergy sufferers and families with little children. The floor surface is anti-static – wood "breathes" and ionizes the air and, as a result, the floors do not pick up static and do not attract dust or saprophytes.

It is not without significance that natural floors constitute a long-term investment - they can be renovated multiple times, reveal resistance to damage and are covered by a very long warranty period. The flooring will be perfect for pet owners - oiling enables local renovation, which is impossible in the case of artificial floors.

Wooden floors are also very usable - wood has a great ability to absorb and in dry seasons "release" moisture, thus enhancing interior microclimate regulation. It is also important that a two-layer construction of planks and parquets enable air circulation making the wood laid on a heated floor much warmer and pleasant for feet than laminated panels.

However, most of all parquet provides great comfort - wood is naturally warmer, nice to the touch and, contrary to artificial floors, mutes sounds and footsteps. Due to different levels of hardness, great resistance to excessive wear and shrinking, it can be used in many interiors and arrangements.


The text was prepared by the Architectural Studio of Jowita Pietraszkiewicz



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