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Trends for 2017: selecting a floor for our house or apartment while following the trends [Part 1]

Over the last several years, the interior design industry has changed radically! Solutions once considered fashionable are being slowly replaced with new ideas and the arrangements familiar to our grandmothers are back in style. So, what should we choose to add some character and world-class design to our interiors? Check it out!

Until recently the interior design was based on a few time-tested solutions. The walls were usually smoothed and painted in our favorite color, whereas, the floors were covered with tiles and a wooden, solid floor, usually made of oak or ash, which were later replaced with floor panels. Today, the latest trends, which promote a healthy and eco-friendly lifestyle, affect the way we arrange our apartments. More and more often we opt for natural products, including floors. In response to these trends, our market offers many different types of wooden boards and parquets. Check which ones are the most popular at the moment.

Firstly - two-layer floors

Popular solid wood parquets are currently being replaced with two-layer floors. The reason is simple - the exceptional functionality of the floors generates substantial savings. First of all, the installation of these products is fast and simple because their surface is properly preserved already during production. As a result, the floors are ready to use right after installation. This has an important aesthetic role - it is virtually impossible to lay an even and uniform protection layer like this in the process of hand varnishing. Secondly, the multi-layer structure makes the floors more resistant to cracks and deformations. This is also not without significance that owing to such a structure these products may be applied over in-floor heating.

Photo FertigDeska Oak Color Bleached

Secondly: oak or bleached floors

Today, floors are attractive not only due to a variety of designs but also their original colors and structure. Enthusiasts of minimalist, luxurious arrangements may use two-meter boards and those who opt for effective laying patterns may choose boards or parquets laid in a French herringbone pattern. Other popular floors are those in unique colors, obtained as a result of different surface coloring techniques.

These dynamically changing trends are closely followed by architects. According to them, the floor podium is easy to characterize. “Today, bright, wide and long boards enjoy the greatest interest,” reports Krzysztof Ziółkowski from the Warsaw interior design studio. “The rationale behind this is simple - apartments in a shell and core condition usually have a low ceiling and a bright floor makes the interiors look higher. That is why we are less inclined to choose dark colors,” he adds. An undisputed advantage of boards and parquets in light colors is their daily care, i.e. the fact that it is much easier to keep them clean.

Photo FertigDeska Retro Frosty Morning

While color is a very important criterion when selecting a floor, today we also pay much attention to wood's resistance. “That is why we usually choose oak floors,” says Marta Wypych, interior designer from Warsaw.

It turns out that the laying pattern is also not without significance. Simple and classic patterns popular thus far are being slowly replaced with a well-known herringbone pattern - both classic and the more elegant French. Vintage and communist Poland styles are also back in fashion. The floor laid in a herringbone pattern is often combined with renovated furniture or decorations from the 80s.

Photo FertigDeska Oak Color Avorio

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