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Trends for 2017: selecting a floor for our house or apartment while following the trends [Part 2]

The second part of the article devoted to solutions which make our interiors fashionable but at the same time preserve their uniqueness. Should we design any room in our apartment in a more eco-friendly way?

In the pursuit of nature

Nowadays, not only beautiful but also eco-friendly design solutions enjoy increasingly more popularity. This can be clearly seen in our own houses “Investors are more than ever willing to use natural, precious materials, including wood,” explains Marta Wypych. There is nothing unusual about it since the eco-style interiors are currently very popular in the West.

The situation is not different in Polish homes, where we can more and more often see loft, marine, Scandinavian and rustic-style arrangements. Such arrangements go perfectly with floors created in a way that emphasizes the natural beauty of a raw material. A characteristic wood pattern may be highlighted by the process of brushing, whereas hitherto popular UV varnish is gradually replaced with oils and oil-waxes. “Such a floor surface finish provides it with a “natural look”. It exposes unevenness of this wood species and completely changes the refraction of light,” explains Krzysztof Ziółkowski. However, it is not the only reason behind the increasingly popular preservation of our boards and parquets with oils and oil-waxes. We also want to ensure that the renovation of a partly damaged floor is possible at any time, for we are aware that this will help us avoid buying or replacing the material in the future.

Another example of a decor currently in fashion is an antiquated floor. The trend is mostly noticeable during global interior design fairs, where such boards have been recently presented. One of the objectives behind the production of antiquated floors is to imitate the effects of a long-term use as faithfully as possible. The method is most often applied to oak, which ages in a natural way preserving its durability and resistance. The next stages of production consist in a number of activities imitating imperfections associated with hand-processing of the raw material. These activities include, among others, hand-planing, intensive brushing or sawing. There are many ways to change a color of the raw material in a natural way. The market offers antiquated floors in different colors - from dark to bleached, including those in hues of grey or brown.

Photo Luxury Retro Grey Squall

Why does our sense of style changes?

There is one main factor which affects the changing Polish interior design trends - the fact that we are becoming more and more aware. “Some time ago I noticed that customers are becoming aware that there is no point in economizing on a floor and that it is worth investing in natural materials of much better quality,” says Dominika Ponikła from the Gdańsk DOM.ini. design studio. The producers draw similar conclusions. The market, observed over the years, indicates that our tastes have changed significantly. Our knowledge in the field of interior design and the industry-specific trends is continually expanding. The explanation behind this phenomenon is simple - as a society we are becoming richer and thus we more often use the services of architects and interior designers. We are also more willing to read professional magazines whereas the visualizations available on the Internet inspire us all.

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