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Technical data

    Types of finishes

  • 8 layers of durable varnish

    Varnishing: Finishing the floor with varnish accentuates the beauty of wood, adds gloss and protect the surface. It does not require maintenance, still giving the possibility to make occasional repairs.
  • 3 layers of oil-wax finish

    Oil-wax: Infiltrates the structure of wood, underlining its natural beauty and, at the same, preserving the floor. Requires more frequent maintenance, but enables to make spot renovations.
  • Brushing

    Involves brushing of the soft parts of grains in order to obtain small pits. Gives the effect of antiquating the floor.
  • Bevels V4

    Similarly as in the case of Bevels V2, it includes gentle cutting down the edges. However, in the V4 phase all the four edges, not only two of them, undergo the process of cutting. Optically emphasizes particular elements of the floor.
  • 30-years warranty

    The product is given 30-years warranty from the producer. Choosing the Jawor-Parkiet floors you choose the products of the highest quality
  • Floor heating

    The floor is prepared to be applied on floor heating.
  • Planing

    A traditional wood-shaping method makes the surface undulating and uneven. Dents created during the process may also go beneath the surface.
  • Manual V4 beveling

    A process gentle cutting of all four edges of the board with a manual planer. Beveling with varying intensity creates smaller or bigger dents on connections of individual floor elements.
  • Horizontal saw traces

    Saw traces on the board surface perpendicular to the board edge. Traces of different intensity give a floor a very rustic character.
  • Irregular bevel

    Consists in varied finishing of edges of individual floor elements. The choice between V2, V4 or no beveling makes each board unique in character and appearance.
  • Gentle transverse saw marks

    Subtle, perpendicular the edge of the element, delicate saw marks on the surface that create an irregular structure adding an intriguingly crude character to the floor.
  • Pattern of laying parquet

  • Conventional

  • Brick

    Does not require any special preparation of the floor. Requires elements of equal length.
  • Ladder

  • Cube

    Custom-made. Right/left tongue required.
  • Oblique brick

    Does not require any special preparation of the floor. Requires elements of equal length.
  • Classic herringbone

    Custom-made. Right/left tongue required.
  • Double herringbone

    Custom-made. Right/left tongue required.
  • Oblique herringbone

    Custom-made. Right/left tongue required.
  • French herrinbgone

    Custom-made. Right/left tongue required. Secial preparation of all the slats also required.
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