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Terms of use & Instalation




1. Pre-installation floor preparation.

Packs should be unpacked directly before laying. Relative air humidity should amount to ca. 45% - 60%, and the air temperature should range from 18°C to 24°C. Prior to laying the elements of Fertig Parkiet, Fertig Deska, Massive Parkiet, it should be checked whether the underlying surface is suitable for laying, i.e. whether it is even, durable and dry.The floor evenness should be measured with a 2-metre rod, and the unevenness should not demonstrate deviations from the plane bigger than 2-3 mm, underlying surface's humidity –  the humidity of concrete screed or cement screed should amount to max. 2% (in case of floor heating max. 1.8%), the humidity of anhydrite floor should amount to max. 0.5% (in case of floor heating max. 0.3%). Measurements should be performed with CM method (carbide) or drying and weighing method, the floor strength should amount to  2 N/mm2 ± 0,5 N/mm2. Fertig Parkiet, Fertig Deska, Massive Parkiet are the products subject to very careful treatment. Wood humidity should amount to 5-9%, which should be verified prior to laying the floor. If visible defects are found during laying, the elements should be put aside and the sales representative should be contacted to verify the defect. The floor elements with the aforementioned defects which were glued are not subject to complaint.

2. Installation of Fertig Parkiet, Fertig Deska, Massive Parkiet

It is recommended to grind the floor prior to laying (if necessary), in order to avoid unevenness and surface soiling and staining, and then it should be carefully vacuum-cleaned

Primer should be applied on smooth floor, free of any cracks and irregularities, as per the recommendations of the primer manufacturer. The primer should be distributed with a roller, not leaving any pools.

Boards should not be glued earlier than after 24 hours from primer application on the floor. The amount of the glue should match the size of glued elements as per the manufacturer's recommendations. The glue should be applied with a notched putty knife. Attention should be paid to soiling of wooden elements with glue because this may result in irrevocable damage of the surface layer. It is recommended to use polyurethane synthetic, hydride and silane glues, depending on the recommendations of the glueing system's manufacturer and the application of one system for the purpose of keeping the conformity of agents.

Fertig Parkiet, Fertig Deska and Massive Parkiet are products suitable only for being glued to the underlying surface. The glue should comprise at least 70% of the element's bottom surface. Gluing should be performed by qualified  professionals. CAUTION! We do not recommend using dispersion adhesives.

Laying is started with the corner of the wall, in the longitudinal direction of the room, with feathers directed at each other. The first row should be evened precisely with a horizontal rope. One should remember about sufficient distance from the wall and fixed structural elements such as pillars, doorframe battens, etc.  As a general rule, expansion joint of 1.5 mm per one metre of the floor laid is applicable. Laying of the second row of the floor should be commenced with the longitudinal section of the final board of the first row. Particular boards are connected closely with a rubber hammer and a beater. The beater should be placed on feathers. Attention should be paid not to damage the top surface. The last row of boards must be usually adjusted to the width. For that purpose, a precisely adjusted board should be laid upside down, with the further towards the wall. A line should be marked on the board as a cutting edge. Distance wedges should be laid between the boards as early as at the stage of adjusting. After cutting of a board to the appropriate length and placing the distance wedge, the last row of boards should be pressed with a metal hammer. After binding of the glue, all distance wedges should be removed and the expansion should be covered with a skirting.

3. Kinds of finishing of Fertig Parkiet, Fertig Deska, Massive Parkiet

Varnished floor - covered with eight layers of special acrylic varnish hardened with ultraviolet radiation. After laying of the floor, it should be protected with priming oil for Varnished Floors of Jawor-Parkiet series or another one indicated by Jawor-Parkiet. This treatment is aimed at protecting the edges and gaps against humidity. This activity is performed by a floorlaying team (for an extra charge) as the last stage of works. Concentrate for cleaning varnished floors of Jawor-Parkiet series or another one indicated by Jawor-Parkiet should be used for regular maintenance.

Wax-oiled floor - covered with three wax oil layers, hardened by oxidation. After laying of the floor, it should be protected with priming oil for Wax-oiled Floors of Jawor-Parkiet series or another one indicated by Jawor-Parkiet.  This treatment is aimed at protecting the edges and gaps against humidity. This activity is performed by floor laying team (for an extra charge) as the last stage of works. The floor should be "dry cured" with a microfibre mop to the extent possible. Concentrate for cleaning wax-oiled floors of Jawor-Parkiet series or another one indicated by Jawor-Parkiet should be used for regular "wet" maintenance. It should be remembered that the creation of communication routes in more loaded places, rubbing off of wax-oil and washing out the coating of hard waxes (carnauba, candelila) are natural characteristics of floors covered with wax-oil. For the purpose of keeping the aesthetic and use assets of the floor, it should be protected with the primer for Wax-oiled Floors from Jawor Parkiet series or another one indicated by Jawor-Parkiet every 20 washings or so. The use of agents other than the recommended ones is strictly prohibited.

Pod Raw floor (not factory complete) - it has no factory wood protection coating. After laying the floor, it should be ground for the purpose of eliminating possible stains, scratches, height differences and then any wood protection coating should be applied as per the chemical agent manufacturer's recommendations. For curing and maintenance of coatings of this kind, the use of agents from Jawor-Parkiet series or agents dedicated by the manufacturer of the applied chemical agent is recommended. 

All Jawor-Parkiet products are suitable for both residential premises and public utility facilities.

4. Underfloor heating

A few basic issues must be remembered about when laying Fertig Parkiet, Fertig Deska floors at water underfloor heating: the floor surface temperature cannot exceed 27°C. Prior to laying the floor, you should make sure that the substrate is dry (screed residual humidity < 1,8% cement and concrete, < 0,3 % anhydrite). The recommendations of the underfloor heating system's manufacturer should be remembered. Floor soaking, which should be confirmed with a certificate of soaking of the floor with underfloor heating (to be downloaded from www.jawor-parkiet.pl), must be performed. The use of carpets is not recommended because under the carpets the temperature is subject to increase. In case of all kinds of wood, the occurrence of gaps should be taken into consideration. In case of the application of underfloor heating, some wood, in particular Jatoba wood, should be avoided, and special attention should be paid to keeping marginal temperature (i.e. 27°C) i.e. in case of thermo-wood floors (Jesion Bursztyn, Jesion Koniak, Dąb Antyk). When underfloor heating is used, higher temperature acts on the wood, the result of which is lower relative air humidity over the element surface, and therefore air humidifiers should be absolutely used in those rooms. Massive Parkiet, as solid floor, is not recommended for being laid on underfloor heating. 

5. Relative air humidity and the use of  Jawor-Parkiet wooden floors

It should be remembered that good climate, both for people and for maintaining the quality of wooden floors, should be kept in the room in which the wooden floor is laid. Wood is  a hygroscopic material which, owing to its mechanical and physical properties, changes its dimensions and size along with the change of temperature and relative air humidity. The reaction of wood to ambient changes (air humidity and temperature) results in contraction or swelling of elements. Higher relative air humidity may result in wood swelling and pose the risk of curling of elements. Lower humidity may result in shrinking of wood, occurrence of bigger or smaller gaps between the elements, cracking of the surface layer and mechanical damage of the load-carrying layer, which cannot be the reasons for any claims. Rooms in which the floor will be used should be equipped with: room thermometer, moisture meter and air humidifier. Rooms should be aired regularly (this does not apply to winter season) and relative air humidity should be kept at a constant level required for Fertig Parkiet, Fertig Deska, Massive Parkiet floors, namely 45% - 60% at the air temperature of  18°C -24°C. In the winter (heating) season, air humidifiers must be used in order to keep the required relative air humidity as this is the warranty condition.

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