• new collection Vintage
  • Chevron collection with the Good Design Award 2018
  • Nowe Retro Collection
  • Duży katalog podłóg Jawor-Parkiet
  • Architect
  • Nowa seria Design Experience
  • Nowe kolory Color Inspiration
  • FertigDeska Luxury – fenomenalnie długa deska od Jawor-Parkiet

Hardwood floors


FertigParkiet – it is a finished, varnished or covered with oil-wax parquet with two-ply construction. It consists of an elegant surface layer 3,6 mm or 6 mm thick made of oak or ash.

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FertigDeska – a floor with the same construction as FertigParkiet. The size of a particular plank constitutes the difference between those two products. The noble surface layer is made out of natural wood and is 3,6 mm or 6 mm thick.

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MassiveParkiet – an extraordinarily elegant and exclusive floor consisting of uniform wooden elements 16 mm thick. Thicker planks ensure the floor durability without the need to use a back-pressure layer.

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Color Inspiration

Color Inspiration is the collection of oaken, finished two-ply floors. The series of colors have been inspired by Italy. Its exceptional durability is guaranteed by three layers of oil-wax.

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FertigDeska Luxury

FertigDeska Luxury – the real „queen” among our planks, designed with the thought of those especially appreciating luxury and unique aesthetics.

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FertigDeska Design Experience


A new finished Jawor-Parkiet floor to be fitted in a French herringbone pattern

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