• Chevron collection with the Good Design Award 2018
  • Nowe Retro Collection
  • Duży katalog podłóg Jawor-Parkiet
  • Architect
  • Nowa seria Design Experience
  • Nowe kolory Color Inspiration
  • FertigDeska Luxury – fenomenalnie długa deska od Jawor-Parkiet

Hardwood floors


FertigParkiet – it is a finished, varnished or covered with oil-wax parquet with two-ply construction. It consists of an elegant surface layer 4 mm or 6 mm thick made of oak, ash or exotic wood.

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FertigDeska – a floor with the same construction as FertigParkiet. The size of a particular plank constitutes the difference between those two products. The noble surface layer is made out of natural wood and is 4 mm or 6 mm thick.

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MassiveParkiet – an extraordinarily elegant and exclusive floor consisting of uniform wooden elements 16 mm thick. Thicker planks ensure the floor durability without the need to use a back-pressure layer.

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Color Inspiration

Color Inspiration is the collection of oaken, finished two-ply floors. The series of colors have been inspired by Italy. Its exceptional durability is guaranteed by three layers of oil-wax.

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A new finished Jawor-Parkiet floor to be fitted in a French herringbone pattern

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FertigDeska Luxury

FertigDeska Luxury – the real "queen“ among our planks, designed with the thought of those especially appreciating luxury and unique aesthetics.

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Fertig Deska Design Experience

FertigDeska Design Experience is a line of short boards cut to the length of 590 or 600 mm and dedicated to architects.

A uniform size of individual floor elements as well as right and left tongues release creativity in designers and interior decorators thus enabling them to create all kinds of patterns such as, e.g., classic herringbone, squares or ladder.

Laying the floor in such a way guarantees a unique effect that will not go unnoticed.

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