FertigParkiet Chevron Oak Elegance

FertigParkiet Chevron Oak Elegance

The floor of the Loire palaces dimensions: 415/485x70x14 mm
types of finishes: oil-waxed, bevelled on four sides

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FertigParkiet Chevron
Oak Elegance

Few, small knots, a uniform color and a random grain arrangement of elements fitted in a French herringbone pattern make the floor both classic and elegant. The floor will match modern apartments and when combined with industrial accessories it will create a unique and stylish combination.

Sapwood not allowed, occasional pin knots, random fibres arrangement, acceptable colour differences, silver grain allowed

  • Types of finishes

  • 8 layers of durable lacquer

    Finishing the floor with lacquer accentuates the beauty of wood, adds gloss and protect the surface. It does not require maintenance, still giving the possibility to make occasional repairs.
  • 3 layers of oil-wax finish

    Oil-wax: Infiltrates the structure of wood, underlining its natural beauty and, at the same, preserving the floor. Requires more frequent maintenance, but enables to make spot renovations.
  • Brushing

    Involves brushing of the soft parts of grains in order to obtain small pits. Gives the effect of antiquating the floor.
  • Bevelling V4

    In four-sided beveling, all four edges are slightly cut. It visually exposes individual elements of the floor.
  • Floor heating

    The floor is prepared to be applied on floor heating.

  • French herrinbgone

    Custom-made. Right/left tongue required. Secial preparation of all the slats also required.

  • Oak

    Technical parametres:

    Density: 690 kg/m3


    Janka: 65 MPa

    Volumetric shrinkage:

    radial: 0.167

    tangential: 0,342

    Oak is the most valued native species of deciduous trees. Naturally grows in Europe and locally in western Asia. It is a long-lived tree, growing for more than 300 years. Inividual specimens can have even 1000 years. Oak can be up to 40 m high.  
    Oaken wood has a light-brown to dark-brown color. Each growth ring starts at least one or more rows of vessels with good lighting, which makes the rings easily visible. It is possible for numerous knots to appear.

    Oak belongs to the category of medium shrinkable wood with a high level of hardness and density. It is density which is responsible for its high mechanical properties. This wood is characterized by high compressing and static bending strength.  

    The most attractive from the esthetical point of view is a radial section with silver grain visible, underlined through finishing with varnish layers. Oak wood is considered a universal material with numerous uses. Can be applied both indoors and outdoors.

  • Chevron

    The unique charm of the Loire region is affirmed by anyone who visited the Louvre Palace or the residence of French kings. The buildings are renowned for their richness and finely fitted wooden floors. They inspired us to develop a Chevron line – an elegant and functional floor to be fitted in a French herringbone pattern.

    Chevron is a unique finished floor – short sides of individual planks are cut at 45-degree angle, thus forming a shape of an arrowhead. Cutting planks during the production process shortens fitting and guarantees high-quality installation of the complicated pattern, which would be very difficult if each plank was cut separately. Contrary to a traditionally fitted French herringbone floor, a Chevron floor does not require post-fitting sanding, filling or varnishing. It also has an unprecedented tongue-and-groove connection at a front edge – so far fitters have had to work with so-called biscuits.

    A Chevron floor reminds of bygone eras. The floor is a perfect match for decorative interiors of suburban residences or renovated manors. The pattern is increasingly often applied by architects as a finish of the suburban Scandinavian-style or avant-garde interiors. Planks are best for large rooms, whereas parquet will optically enlarge smaller interiors.

  • Floor dimensions

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