Ash Cognac

Ash Cognac

Finished 2-layers parquet measurements: 490x70x14 mm
finish: varnish, four-sided bevelling

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Ash Cognac (thermo)

A noble brown tone gives this parquet sophisticated character. This floor is characterized by small, rare knots and random grain arrangement. Thanks to its warm and subtle color it will beautifully outline modern interiors.

Pin knots allowed, random fibres arrangement, dark colouring (product after heat treatment – batches may vary in shade)

Products after thermal treatment are exposed to changes in colour under the influence of sunlight, and also change naturally to a lighter colour over time.

  • Types of finishes

  • 8 layers of durable varnish

    Varnishing: Finishing the floor with varnish accentuates the beauty of wood, adds gloss and protect the surface. It does not require maintenance, still giving the possibility to make occasional repairs.
  • 3 layers of oil-wax finish

    Oil-wax: Infiltrates the structure of wood, underlining its natural beauty and, at the same, preserving the floor. Requires more frequent maintenance, but enables to make spot renovations.
  • Bevels V4

    Similarly as in the case of Bevels V2, it includes gentle cutting down the edges. However, in the V4 phase all the four edges, not only two of them, undergo the process of cutting. Optically emphasizes particular elements of the floor.
  • 30-years warranty

    The product is given 30-years warranty from the producer. Choosing the Jawor-Parkiet floors you choose the products of the highest quality
  • Floor heating

    The floor is prepared to be applied on floor heating.

  • Conventional

  • Brick

    Does not require any special preparation of the floor. Requires elements of equal length.
  • Oblique brick

    Does not require any special preparation of the floor. Requires elements of equal length.
  • Ladder

  • Cube

    Custom-made. Right/left tongue required.
  • Classic herringbone

    Custom-made. Right/left tongue required.
  • Double herringbone

    Custom-made. Right/left tongue required.
  • Oblique herringbone

    Custom-made. Right/left tongue required.
  • French herrinbgone

    Custom-made. Right/left tongue required. Secial preparation of all the slats also required.

  • Ash

    Technical parametres:

    Density: 720 kg/m3 


    Janka: 76 MPa 

    Volumetric shrinkage:

    radial: 0.156

    tangential: 0,250

    The special properties of ash were noticed long time ago. The species is inseparably related to humans who learned how to use not only its hard and flexible wood, but also its bark and leaves to produce medicines. Occurs all around Europe, in the Crimea, the Caucasus and in Asia. It is a fast growing tree, reaches up to 25-35 m.  

    Ash wood creates an incredible color palette, starting from yellow-like and finishing at white-red. Sunlight in a natural way changes the shades of wood, thus white becomes yellow and the elements which are brown at the beginning become lighter after some time. The whole gains noble tone and the contrast between the colors decreases.  

    The wood pattern is very decorative – often striped, with clearly marked grains thanks to cells with good light scattered among the layer of early wood. Ash wood is hard, quite heavy, hardly fissile and flexible. It is also characterized by medium shrinkage or inclination to warping and cracking.

  • FertigParkiet

    FertigParkiet – it is a finished, varnished or covered with oil-wax parquet with two-ply construction. It consists of an elegant surface layer 3,6 mm or 6 mm thick made out of oak or ash.

    Przekrój Ash Cognac

    The underlayer, called the stabilising layer, is made out of hardwood. The application of this layer simplifies the assembly and ensures that the floor is resistant to deformation. In order to preserve the wood and to underline its natural esthetic value the parquet is covered with eight layers of varnish or three layers of oil-wax. Thanks to this technology give 30-years warranty for our products.

    FertigParkiet thanks to its construction can be applied on floor heating.

  • Floor dimensions

    Fertig Parkiet gr. 14 mm

    FertigParkiet Walnut Premium FertigParkiet Walnut Elegance and FertigParkiet Doussie Elegance are available only in 14 mm thick

    FertigParkiet dimensions The number of slats amount per m2 use layer thickness The average weight
    width 70mm / lenght 490mm 48 pcs. 1,646 m2 approx. 6mm 16kg
    width 63mm / lenght 480mm 48szt. 1,452 m2 ok. 6mm 14kg

    Fertig Parkiet 11 mm thick

    Note! FertigParkiet Color Inspiration does not exist in the thickness of 11 mm

    FertigParkiet dimensions The number of slats amount per m2 use layer thickness The average weight
    width 70mm / lenght 490mm 60 pcs. 2,058 m2 approx. 4mm 18kg
    width 63mm / lenght 480mm 60 pcs. 1,814 m2 approx. 4mm 16kg

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