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Bella Ciao! We will soon celebrate the premiere of #new Color Inspiration

Bella Ciao! We will soon celebrate the premiere of #new Color Inspiration

Exceptional atmosphere and landscapes of Italy don’t cease to inspire. Wooden floors’ manufacturer - Jawor-Parkiet starts a new year with the premiere of a brand new palette of our ever popular Color Inspiration collection. The colors of Italian nature and modern technology used in the production of FERRO, CALDO, FANGO, SABBI and MARONE floors, have turned wood into art.
Under closed eyes, Italy shines with bright colors, just as CALDO – bleached, natural oak, with delicate shades of grey. These are the colors of the shimmering rocks of the sunny and romantic town of Positano. Located on the Tyrrhenian Sea, Positano impresses with its pastel Mediterranean buildings nearly cascading into the sea. This floor will perfectly emphasize the Scandinavian-style and minimalist interiors. It will also constitute an ideal background for other furnishings, allowing them to flourish.
Oak Color Caldo
SABBIA promises the pleasures of nature, like soft sun-warmed sand. A warm, sandy base of the floor has been adorned with delicate, white highlights that expose the natural wood grain, resembling Sardinian beaches hidden in rocky bays, where the brown cliffs cut through white waves and sand. Owing to a subtle shade of beige, the floor is perfect for small rooms, making them look more spacious. SABBIA is a perfect complement to a classic or modern arrangement.
Oak Color Sabbia

FANGO displays the colors of the northern Italian regions, shaped by the forces of nature, the forces that created the stone mountain trails and the sunburnt ground of olive groves on the northern shores of Lake Garda. Fango’s bright beige and grey colors with reflections may interest those who value modern solutions but also dream of non-pushy style and freedom in creating their surroundings.
Oak Color Fango

Italy is also known for its mighty mountain peaks emerging among the fertile soil of vineyards and orchards. Such as FERRO, a decor inspired by a landscape of cold, grey Apennine hills. This board is perfect for industrial interiors, enhancing them with a world class style and design.
Oak Color Ferro

The most intense color from the new Color Inspiration palette is MARONE. It brings to mind the image of a volcanic island of Stromboli. Dark brown, almost black color emphasizes the character of the interior, adding to it some class and warmth; therefore it will be the perfect choice for the living room, study or stylish bedroom.
Oak Color Marone
Solido e bello
Color Inspiration is a collection of oak, ready-made, two-layer floors. Oak guarantees both: durability and beauty. Its medium shrinkability, high hardness and density determine the floor’s high mechanical properties. Oak is also highly resistant to mechanical damage allowing its users to appreciate its aesthetic qualities.
Three layers of oil wax guarantee exceptional durability and a variety of colors of the boards of the Color Inspiration collection.

Inspirational Italy. Ma certo!
The Color Inspiration collection of Jawor-Parkiet has enjoyed great interest among the company’s customers from 2014. The present collection of eight original decors inspired by Italy has been recognized not only by end customers but also architects and designers. In the Dobry Design [Good Design] 2020 competition, FertigDeska Chevron Oak Color Alabastro won the first prize in the “Floors and walls” category. This year's premiere and five new colors in this collection are the result of the popularity of Color Inspiration. Our customers appreciate the large selection of colors and formats of the wooden floor as well – said Janusz Gawiński, General Director of Jawor-Parkiet.
New Year’s premieres
 During this year – first and one of the most important industry events – DOMOTEX fair in Hannover,  Jawor-Parkiet will traditionally present its premiere products for 2020. Last year it presented the Vintage Series collection, and this year it will showcase the new colors of the Color Inspiration collection and the new size of FertigDeska Maxi – a 140-150 mm wide, 1500-2200 mm long and 15 mm thick board (wear-layer – approx. 3.6 mm).
The Color Inspiration palette is available for the following products of Jawor-Parkiet:
in Elegance and Classic grade, details in authorized stores.

More about Color Inspiration at www.jawor-parkiet.pl/podlogi-drewniane/ci/.

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