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Chevron Alabastro from Jawor-Parkiet with Main Award at Good Design 2020 Competition

Chevron Alabastro from Jawor-Parkiet with Main Award at Good Design 2020 Competition

The design and colour of this wooden floor stole hearts of many persons. The group of its lovers was joined by the jury of Good Design 2020 (Dobry Design) competition, which gave the main award to FertigDeska Chevron Dąb Color Alabastro in the ‘Floors and Walls’ category. It confirms the highest class of the product, both in terms of raw material and design. The considerable interest in Chevron Alabastro proves that the collection is universal, timeless, and beautiful. The award is an honour for us, according to the management of our firm.

Royal Floor
Jawor-Parkiet appreciates unique designs and excellent quality. Designers of company collections of wooden floors keep regional traditions in mind and at the same time look for inspirations all over the world. Just as French kings and aristocrats in the sixteenth century, designers of Jawor-Parkiet became enchanted by a French fir pattern. It comes from the palace complex in Louvre and chateaus of French kings. They are famous today for their rich style, and their shared denominator are elaborately laid wooden floors. They were our inspirations when we created the Chevron line, both elegant and functional floor for installation in a French fir pattern. What makes it so adorable is its precision and symmetry, which add refined elegance to interiors. Owing to Jawor-Parkiet, it has come back to living rooms in a modern edition of the ready Chevron floor, and it has conquered the market.

Chevron Alabastro is Good Design
Chevron is the only finished floor of this type — individual boards have been cut along shorter sides at 45º, creating the shape of an arrowhead. Cutting boards at the production stage makes it possible to significantly shorten the process of installation and guarantees the high quality of laying a complicated design, which would be difficult to obtain by cutting every element separately. Unlike French fir, which is installed in a traditional manner, this floor, after its laying, does not require any scraping, filling, or lacquering. It also has a tongue and groove at the head edge, which has been unheard of before. Before that, floor layers had to struggle with the so-called alien tongue.
Floors from the Chevron line are the way to obtain a unique effect, which brings past epochs to mind. They will match perfectly decorated interiors of suburban residences and renovated mansions. However, this design is used by architects more and more often as an element of finishing urban interiors in a Scandinavian or avant-garde style. A board is a good choice in large rooms, while parquet is better in smaller interiors, as it enlarges space optically.
Major interest in Chevron Alabastro was noted by jurors of Jawor-Parkiet Design Awards. This floor appeared in a large number of designs and in varied styles of interiors, which confirms its universality, timelessness, and beauty.

Gala Starring Chevron
On 5 December, during the gala of the Good Design 6th Forum held at the KONESER Centre in Praga-Warszawa, jurors handed out awards in the Good Design Competition 2020. Grzegorz Sadowski, Commercial Director at Jawor-Parkiet, after receiving the statuette, said: ‘It is an honour for our company and the confirmation that floors we design and produce feature the highest quality of designing that follows latest trends. The credit goes to excellent raw materials, the creativity of people, and the precision of manufacturing our products in the modern factory. On top of that, there is communication with architects, distributors of our floors, and end customers. We can listen well to what each of these group needs, because we create our products for them.

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