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Color Inspiration Alabastro – a new floor color inspired by Italy

Color Inspiration Alabastro – a new floor color inspired by Italy

Color Inspiration is a one-year-old line of two-layer, colored, finished oak floor manufactured by Jawor-Parkiet. The line has been recently extended by Alabastro, a color of raw and natural oak.

The new color of FertigDeska Color Inspiration line was inspired by bright, rocky shores of Tremiti Islands. A natural, oak Color Inspiration Alabastro floor will always remind us of the vacation spent on hot rocky shores of charming Italian islands.

Alabastro completes a palette of five Color Inspiration colors – Bianco, Avorio, Grigio, Rosolare and Nero. Owing to a unique formula, developed especially for Jawor-Parkiet, the floor has a raw oak color – it is neither yellow nor white. The timeless character of oak makes the floor a perfect match for simple, suburban residences as well as luxurious apartments.

An unofficial premiere of a Color Inspiration FertigDeska Alabastro floor took place during 10-13 March in Poznan at the Budma International Construction and Architecture Fair. Color Inspiration collection is a response to the latest trends – the subtle coloring of natural wood echoes the colors of nature and plank structure enhanced by brushing gives the floor a slightly raw character.


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