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FertigDeska Design Experience – a floor that will release architects' creativity

FertigDeska Design Experience – a floor that will release architects' creativity

A wooden floor, exceptionally beautiful and laid in an original way, is a natural decoration of every interior. A new addition to the offer of Jawor-Parkiet, FertigDeska Design Experience, is a nod towards the architects who search for design solutions that will not go unnoticed.

Every architect is well aware that a floor is a crucial element of each design. Today, the aspects that are key to the choice of a floor are not only the beauty and color of the natural raw material but also its pattern. We are currently witnessing the return of retro design, inspired by communist Poland or America of the 60s. The floors laid in herringbone, ladder or once popular checkerboard patterns enjoy great interest. 

Hence the idea to create a new FertigDeska Design Experience collection by Jawor-Parkiet - a line of short, oak boards cut to the length of 590 or 600 mm. A uniform size of individual floor elements is not all. The additional advantage of the floor are right and left tongues, releasing creativity of designers and decorators and enabling them to create almost any possible pattern.

Diversity of colors available in the collection makes the FertigDeska Design Experience floor a great match for virtually every style. Oak Elegance and Oak Classic perfectly complement traditional, classic interiors inspired by enchanting corners of the Italian Peninsula. The colors of the Color Inspiration series will look great in Scandinavian or marine style arrangements, whereas the antiquated Retro Warmian Bee Yard floor inspired by the region of Warmia and Masuria will be a natural decoration of rustic interiors. 

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