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FertigPlank Luxury – a phenomenally long plank from Jawor-Parkiet

FertigPlank Luxury – a phenomenally long plank from Jawor-Parkiet

More than two metres long, finished plank made out of the highest quality oaken wood constitutes the quintessence of elegance. Large size of the particular elements of the floor underlines natural wood pattern. Thanks to its layered construction the plank is especially resistant to deformation and can be applied on floor heating.

FertigPlank Luxury was designed according to the newest global trends, with the thought of those who especially appreciate luxury and unique aesthetics. The collection includes two versions of the plank: Elegance and Classic.  

The plank in the Elegance version magnetizes with almost ideally symmetrical grain and its uniform color. This plank exposes perfectly the natural beauty of noble oak wood. It will present itself especially well in spacious, representative interiors.

FertigPlank Luxury Oak Classic has a varied grains arrangement enriched with large knots and noticeable color differences. It all creates on the surface original patterns and gives it unique appearance. Thanks to its decorative character the floor will constitute an elegant complement of suburban estates and known for its simplicity Scandinavian arrangements. 

The clients will appreciate the new Jawor-Parkiet line not only for aesthetics and quality, but also for functionality. Thanks to its layered construction FertigPlank Luxury can be applied on floor heating and the layers situated crosswise provide an additional protection against deformation and natural changes in the wood structure. The surface layer, 4 mm thick, allows for multiple sanding during its exploitation.

We leave it to the Client to choose the finish – the plank can undergo the process of brushing and four-sided bevelling. The surface of the plank is preserved with eight layers of UV varnish or three layers of oil-wax on the stage of production. Thanks to it the floor is ready for use almost right after the assembly.

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