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Jawor-Parkiet once again invites you to take part in an inspiring journey to a magical world of Italy.

Jawor-Parkiet once again invites you to take part in an inspiring journey to a magical world of Italy.

Oak boards from the Color Inspiration series have been a part of Jawor-Parkiet's portfolio for nearly three years. Recently, the collection of six unique colors has been extended by three new products taking us on a fascinating journey to charming corners of the Italian Peninsula.

What do we love about Italy? Enthusiastic people, prolific vineyards, Gelato you cannot resist, beautiful women and chivalrous men. The Color Inspiration line - a collection of oak boards in colors reflecting the Italian landscapes and dyed with a natural pigment - was created out of sentiment for sunny beaches and enchanting landscapes of Lombardy. Where will they take us this time?

Photo. FertigDeska Oak Color Vulcano

Luna is like the moonlight reflecting in the crystal-clear waters of the Alpine Lago di Como. This beautifully located lake, subtly integrated into the forested hills, lures the heat-stricken tourists. It is also one of the most beautiful venues in northern Italy, with boardwalks offering a stunning view of majestic and snow-covered summits of the Alps, surrounded by lush green meadows. On the other hand, warm brown and grey hues distinguishing Vulcano bring to mind the fertile land around Vesuvius, which overlooks the Gulf of Naples. As one of the most dangerous in the world, the volcano commands respect. For people indigenous to the region, these volcanic soils constitute a perfect farmland. The third new color - Oro, which means gold - reflects the rocks and caves of the Italian island of Capri glistening in the sun and subtly emerging from the sea. Ethereal beauty of the floor resembles the fairy-tale-like tenement houses at Piazza Umberto and atmospheric alleys located in the western part of the island - Capri Paesey.

Photo. FertigDeska Oak Color Luna

Oak Color Luna, Vulcano and Oro will be available, as will other Color Inspiration products, in four sizes: standard FertigDeska, over two-meter long FertigDeska Luxury, a French herringbone-patterned Chevron board and FertigDeska Design Experience addressed to architects.

Photo. FertigDeska Oak Color Oro


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