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Jawor-Parkiet develops towards new production technology

Jawor-Parkiet develops towards new production technology

Wooden Floors Manufacturer Jawor-Parkiet invests in advanced production solutions. At the beginning of July 2015 the company launched a new technological line for profiling of multi-layer floors. The Schroeder machine will enhance the production capacity of the company even by 50%.

A production line was configured by the producer - Shroeder - pursuant to guidelines of Jawor-Parkiet. The line comprises three main devices - GB-25 feeder with a magazine, cut-to-length profiling lines type DUO 9/12 F and double-ended tenoning machine type PAKUE 10/10 F.

A technological cut-to-length floor profiling line is intended for the production of multi-layer wooden floors. It enables profiling of planks, which are 2500 mm long, 250 mm wide and 30 mm thick. The machine was designed to precisely (up to 0.02mm) profile floor elements with tongue-and-grove connections or a "click" system. The device comprises a range of solutions minimizing the risk of production-triggered wood damage, e.g. profiled elements are transported with the use of two chains with polyurethane tiles instead of a steel table.

- New line consists of a total of 9 spindles. 3 grinding spindles, 2 undercutting spindles, 2 spindles intended for initial profiling and 2 spindles for final profiling. These elements allow for an accurate tongue-and-grove connection and cutting accuracy of up to 0.02 mm. The production process is also accelerated - speed of feeding can reach even 100-110m/min.  – says Janusz Gawiński, the manager of Jawor-Parkiet.

The technological line comprises a double-ended tenoning machine for transverse profiling at 90° angle. The device enables the production of floors intended for fitting in a herringbone pattern - it ensures the precise cutting at 30°, 45° or 60° angle with an accuracy of 0.05°. It will allow for the increased production capacity of a new Jawor-Parkiet product - Chevron line.

- The line was executed at the special request of Jawor-Parkiet. Due to the applied innovations it will be possible to increase the production volume even by 50% and, in the future, diversify it. The raw material efficiency will also increase. Starting from July, Jawor-Parkiet has offered an even higher quality, above-average precision and much shorter order execution times– adds Antoni Jan Gawiński – the owner of Jawor-Parkiet

Technical details:

  • speed of feeding 10–110 m/min,
  • wood length: 350–2500 mm, thickness: 8–30 mm,
  • cutting width: 65-250 mm,
  • direct measuring system in all spindles,
  • double transporting chain with integrated bearings,
  • profile accuracy of up to approx. 0,02 mm,
  • possibility to profile narrow elements - 65 mm,
  • full regulation of spindles by their assembly on individual supporters,
  • advanced housing compliant with CE norms, effectively securing the operational area, limiting the noise (<84 dB/A) and dust,
  • individual drive of elements by means of a pneumatic pressure,
  • accuracy of tongue-and-grove profile,
  • profile stability along the whole element,
  • no surface scratches,
  • full simplicity of elements.

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