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Jawor-Parkiet Trade Conference

Jawor-Parkiet Trade Conference

On 15-17 September, partners of Jawor-Parkiet met by a picturesque lake of Jeziorak to participate in a trade conference organized by our company.

The event was addressed to the representatives of the largest sales offices of Jawor-Parkiet and therefore, served as the occasion to show our appreciation for their everyday engagement in the company’s development.


The conference began on Tuesday, 15 September, with a presentation titled: Jawor-Parkiet. More than floors, during which the guests had a chance not only to learn more about the 25-year history of the company, but also to get to know the latest products we offer. The key point of the presentation was the premiere of a line of professional cosmetics intended for Jawor-Parkiet wooden floors. Following the meeting, the guests took some time to relax and enjoy cruises on the longest Polish lake, Jeziorak. Sunset trips by a water tram or a motorboat were very popular among our guests. The highlight of the evening was a barbecue and an outdoor party.


On the second day of the conference, the visitors were invited to our factory in Nowe Miasto Lubawskie to see the Jawor-Parkiet production process from scratch. They took time to learn something about each production stage – selection of raw materials, production process based on a new technological line and final quality control. Another presentation focused on the production of the latest Jawor-Parkiet products, i.e. the Chevron line to be fitted in a French herringbone pattern. Our guests had a chance to see the procedure of cutting individual parquet elements during the production process, which was recognized for its remarkable functionality. The visit to the factory ended with the presentation of different methods of finishing and protecting the floors. Following a short rest, the guests participated in a professional training in the sale of premium products, which was prepared by a respected training company. The participants were divided into two working teams and, therefore, had the opportunity to exchange their experiences, which allowed for the integration of members of individual groups and, in the end, led to interesting conclusions. The conference was crowned with a formal dinner with live music.


Jawor-Parkiet trade conference not only provided invaluable inspirations for overcoming everyday professional challenges, but also was the opportunity for the guests to exchange their views and experiences, rest and enjoy superb company. We would like to thank all the participants for making the event such a pleasant time!

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