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PDJ briquette – ecology and economy combined

PDJ briquette – ecology and economy combined

Briquette is an ecological alternative to firewood. It more and more frequently successfully replaces traditional heating materials. So if you consider the selection of this fuel for home fireplace, it is worthwhile to choose a tested and good-quality product which, owing to its efficiency, will not strain your budget and, in addition, will not be harmful to our environment.

Ecology and economy

PDJ fireplace briquette by Jawor-Parkiet has been known on the international and domestic market for years. It is considered one of the best briquette (i.e. blocks). It is particularly valued by users for good heating properties because unlike other products available on the market, it is manufactured only from oak and ash wood sawdust, without the addition of any binders which are present in MDF briquette (namely made of wall panel and furniture waste). It perfectly replaces other, often less efficient and ecological fuels such as charcoal, coke, wood or dust.


PDJ briquette is perfectly suitable for burning in fireplaces, solid fuel heating boilers and in chimney stoves. Due to high density and low humidity (at the level of 7.06%, whereas humidity of fresh wood amounts to approx. 50%, and of long seasoned wood – approx. 20-25%), the product sustains glow for a long time, even up to 6 hours. It is also characterised by high calorific value – 1 ton corresponds to 4-5 m3 of firewood. Briquette, as opposed to wood, burns up completely, and the traces of ash that remain may be used as ecological fertilizer because mineral components of wood contained therein naturally fertilize the soil.


Jawor-Parkiet briquette does not contain harmful substances and glues because it is produced by pressing sawdust under high pressure – therefore it does not pollute the air while being burnt and it emits negligible quantities of sulphur dioxide and other harmful substances.  It does not give any odour either. The certificate granted by the Institute of Chemical Wood Technology in Poznań is the confirmation of the product safety.

PDJ briquette is not only an economically justified choice but it also means the ease of everyday use. It is clean to use – it does not emit any dust, it does not stain hands and it does not crumble, and its packing in convenient, 10-kilo bags facilitates the transfer and layer-storage of the briquette. 

The most important information about PDJ fireplace briquette:

— it is produced only of wood sawdust; it is free of any harmful substances and glues

— low humidity (approx. 7.06%)

— very high calorific value (1 ton corresponds to 4-5 m3 of firewood)

— it sustains glow for a long time – ca. 4-6 hours, sometimes longer

— ecological

— it burns out completely – only 3 kg of ecological ash remains from 1 ton of briquette

— packed in handy bags with the weight of ca. 10.4 kg.

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