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Retro Collection - one brand, multiple possibilities

Retro Collection - one brand, multiple possibilities

Contemporary design is governed by three principles - the passion for natural beauty, the need for functionality and the pursuit of a unique effect. The answer to these trends is the new brand of Jawor-Parkiet Wooden Flooring Manufacturer - a collection of originally stylized, oak planks.

In Retro Collection, the users are those who decide and freely choose from many, really original and unusual products. The collection includes both hand-aged and rough boards, with a clear structure and visible saw marks, as well as silky-smooth floors - subtle and delicate to the touch.

Tailor-made floors

Retro Collection is the answer to the most sophisticated needs of those users who constantly strive to achieve a remarkable effect in their interiors. The collection consists of four original lines. The first of them - Hand Made, which is aged through the art of handcraft, was inspired by the traditional buildings of the Warmia and Mazury region. Perfectly smooth, almost velvety surface of the boards from the Pure series is a unique blend of good style and pleasantly perceptual sensations. The dynamic, intensely scrubbed Brushed line exposes the play of light mixed with interesting colors and contrasts on the surface. The last of the lines - expressive Intensive - combines the arrangement of opposites - minimalism with a strongly perceptible, rough structure and austerity with a three-dimensional, refracting pattern created as a result of finishing the surface with intense saw marks. All this means that the Retro Collection boards will perfectly complement every space and integrate individual elements of interior finishing. These floors are available in 3 length variants - standard FertigDeski, over two-meter FertigDeski Luxury and dedicated to architects, a uniform (590 or 600 mm) FertigDeski Design Experience - and 17 colour variants. This is just the beginning, we plan to constantly expand the colour palette.

When experience meets creativity

Retro Collection is a brand that draws on many years of experience and extensive know-how of Jawor-Parkiet - one of the most important Polish manufacturer of wooden floors that are ready-made, double-layered and dedicated to be installed of floor heating. It serves as the development of, so well-known to the users, collection of five oak boards that until now has been one of many proposals in the company's portfolio. Since the day of the premier, i.e. the Budma 2016 fair, it was possible to observe that these products are a hit. It is confirmed by both the awards and distinctions as well as a great interest among users. Now, the manufacturer has decided to meet the expectations of customers, who are tired of minimalism and the cold severity of modern architecture and want to guarantee them a choice of arrangements that will only be limited by the human imagination.

More information at www.retrocollection.pl.

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