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Retro Collection with a Certificate of Quality and Reliability!

Retro Collection with a Certificate of Quality and Reliability!

Last Wednesday, November 29, 2017, there was a gala summarizing the Home Zone - a nationwide, prestigious project in which the highest quality products and services are distinguished. The winners of this year's edition included Retro Collection from Jawor-Parkiet.

Just two months ago, we visited the capital city to present, during the Warsaw Home fair, a novelty in our offer - Retro Collection - the brand of originally stylized, oak boards. On November 29, we went to the capital again. This time, in order to collect the Home Zone Certificate of Quality and Reliability granted to these floors during the gala.

Home Zone is a nationwide project whose aim is to highlight products and services that have become a role model. In cooperation with representatives of industry media as well as eminent and recognized architects, the organizers award the Certificate of Quality and Reliability. It is a confirmation of the highest quality and reliability, as well as a guarantee that it is distinguished by above-average functionality and aesthetics. In this year's edition of the event, the group of laureates included Retro Collection from Jawor-Parkiet. It is a great honour for us, because these products have only been available on the market for less than two months.

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