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The Silesia Building Expo SIBEX next weekend

The Silesia Building Expo SIBEX next weekend

Between 21-23th of February 2014 the 7th edition of the Silesia Building Expo takes place. There will be plenty of attractions during the event both for the visitors planning a construction or a renovation and also for the representatives of the branch.

Jawor-Parkiet would like to invite You to the stand of the National Association of Parquet Fitters nr 108, where a presentation of our products and of other partners of the Association will take place. The visitors planning a floor assembly will have a chance to acquaint with the novelties on the market and to get a piece of advice on the optimal solution for them. For parquet fitters and architects, though, it will be a chance to familiarize with and to test the newest professional floor products available on the market.

On Saturday at noon a lecture titled „Before you order a wooden floor – practical tips for investors“ will take place at our stand. During the meeting the following issues will be touched upon: the choice of the proper wood species and the type of floor, the choice of the parquetting company and the foundation for the floors.

The Expo takes place between Friday and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. More information about the Expo on its official website.

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