• Chevron collection with the Good Design Award 2018
  • Nowe Retro Collection
  • Duży katalog podłóg Jawor-Parkiet
  • Architect
  • Nowa seria Design Experience
  • Nowe kolory Color Inspiration
  • FertigDeska Luxury – fenomenalnie długa deska od Jawor-Parkiet

Two prestigious awards for Jawor-Parkiet!

Two prestigious awards for Jawor-Parkiet!

BUDMA 2017 means both an exceptionally fulfilling fair and a time of great success. We came back from Poznań not only with a good mood and a handful of inspirations but also with two prestigious statuettes - the Gold Medal and Acanthus Aureus!

For Jawor-Parkiet this year's fair was special because one of the company's products - Retro Collection – was awarded the MTP Gold Medal. The award is granted for a product’s innovativeness, aesthetics as well as economic efficiency and impact on the environment. Therefore, the distinction is the confirmation of the highest quality, use, value and technological advancement. The hand-antiquated collection of oak Jawor-Parkiet boards was presented along with 28 other products in the Champions' Zone dedicated to the award winners.

We received another important award on the first day of the fair, 7th February 2017, during the official gala. It was the Acanthus Aureus statuette awarded annually to the stands best reflecting the marketing strategy of the company. We did not have to wait long for the proof that the award was well-deserved - our stand enjoyed great interest each day of the fair. It was visited not only by industry representatives and architects but also by representatives of the authorities - one of the visitors was Andrzej Adamczyk, the Minister of Infrastructure and Construction.


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