• Chevron collection with the Good Design Award 2018
  • Nowe Retro Collection
  • Duży katalog podłóg Jawor-Parkiet
  • Architect
  • Nowa seria Design Experience
  • Nowe kolory Color Inspiration
  • FertigDeska Luxury – fenomenalnie długa deska od Jawor-Parkiet

Warsaw Home Expo 2016 is over!

Warsaw Home Expo 2016 is over!

Last weekend, 21–23 October 2016, took place the first edition of an international, Warsaw exhibition of interior design. It could not have happened without Jawor-Parkiet! We participated in the event and presented the latest addition to our product line, i.e. originally stylized Retro Collection.

On the fourth weekend of October we visited the capital city where the first edition of the international Warsaw Home Expo exhibition was held. The organization of the event's premiere shows that it will certainly take a special place on the central Poland trade fairs calendar.

A Jawor-Parkiet stand – co-organized with Świat Podłóg, our partner and a distributor of our products – enjoyed great interest. Although the guests could acquaint themselves with a full range of our floors, they mainly focused on the latest Jawor-Parkiet planks – hand-aged Retro Collection. The guests appreciated the unique design of the product and its above-average functionality. We also presented other collections, popular among our clients - Chevron floor intended for fitting in a French herringbone pattern, uniquely colored Color Inspiration series and over two-meter long FertigDeska Luxury planks. During the exhibition visitors had a chance to get advice from our experts who were willing to assist in the selection of a floor perfectly suited to the needs of its users and advise on daily care of natural planks and parquets. Thank you for this inspiring time we spent together!

Warsaw Home Expo is the first such trade fair in central Poland. The event was dedicated to manufacturers of furniture and decors but at the same time provides a great opportunity to the visitors to learn about popular architectural solutions and global trends and to share experiences. 

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