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We are Growing in Strength. We have Opened Showrooms of Jawor-Parkiet in Lublin, Silesia, and Wielkopolska

We are Growing in Strength. We have Opened Showrooms of Jawor-Parkiet in Lublin, Silesia, and Wielkopolska

To ensure the development of its brand and the highest customer service quality, Jawor-Parkiet has opened three new showrooms — in Lublin, Katowice, and Poznań. It is a great step in the development of our firm, which is building its position in the world but remembers that its most important customers are here, in Poland.
Lublin, 10 Rusałka street
This is another address that we endorse. Jointly with the distributor, Studio Podłóg z53, the management of our firm celebrated the only showroom marked with the Jawor-Parkiet brand in the eastern Poland. A popular comedian, Grzegorz Halama, told jokes. There was live music and a sommelier show. We were joined by numerous lovers of natural design, whom we made familiar with the latest products in our offer, recommending those that will fit their interiors best.
The official opening of the showroom, the fruit of cooperation between Jawor-Parkiet and its distributor, INTERIOR EXCLUSIVE, was held in the Roździeń Shopping Centre on 13 September. It was both exceptional and festive. The hosts invited local architects and designers. During the meeting, hosted by a television presenter, Beata Tadla, guests could learn about latest products in our offer and hear the presentation by Jakub Szczęsny about unconventional solutions in urban architecture. His design, Keret House, is a part of the permanent collection of the Modern Art Museum in New York as the only work by an architect from Poland. He is also an author of his own television programmes in Domo+, including Polska dobrze zaprojektowana (Poland Well Designed). In addition to business-related matters, which are always an important element of opening new showrooms of Jawor-Parkiet, there was also a cake, delicious food, and live music by Aleksandra Świdzińska Quartet.
The management of Jawor-Parkiet and Studio Parkietu Wałkowski officially cut a ribbon of the showroom in Centrum M1 in Poznań on 20 September this year. There was a DJ, a cake, speeches by business partners, and a presentation of latest solutions by Jawor-Parkiet, which make the selection and sales of floors to customers fast and personalised.
The special guest of the event was Krzysztof Miruć, an architect and interior designer, a co-founder and main designer of the Warsaw’s L'ab Architekci studio. He is an editor-in-chief of Cztery Kąty magazine, known better to the general public as a host of television shows: ZGŁOŚ REMONT (Repair in Demand) in HGTV and EKS-TRA ZMIANA (Extra Change) in Tvn Style, where he transforms flats and lives of Poles. In his presentation, he focused on advantages of wooden floors. By referring to products of Jawor-Parkiet he said ‘I personally identify with a product that is beautiful, elegant, and natural.’
After the official part of the meeting, guests were invited for dinner at Cucina Restaurant.
‘Building showrooms of Jawor-Parkiet is a milestone in the development of our brand on the Polish market. Although 70 per cent of our production is still sold abroad, Polish customers are most important to us,’ said Janusz Gawiński, Managing Director at Jawor-Parkiet. ‘We are grateful to our distributors from Lublin, Katowice, and Poznań, who have responded to the challenge of developing our brand in their regions. We hope that both architects and end customers will visit our showrooms regularly, knowing that they can expect premium services there, because this is the quality of our products. Already on 11 October you are welcome to the opening of another showroom, this time in Łódź.’

You can find us here:
Galeria Nowy Roździeń, al. Roździeńskiego 199, 40-313 Katowice
tel.: +48 535 080 100
e-mail: katowice.jaworparkiet@gmail.com

Centrum Handlowe M1, ul. Szwajcarska 14, 61-285 Poznań
tel.: +48 510244220
e-mail: poznan.jaworparkiet@gmail.com

ul. Rusałka 10, 20-103 Lublin
tel.: +48 572 773 697
e-mail: lublin.jaworparkiet@gmail.com
To learn more about showrooms of Jawor-Parkiet visit: https://jawor-parkiet.pl/salony-firmowe.html

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