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PDJ briquette – ecology and economy combined




Briquette is an ecological alternative to firewood. It more and more frequently successfully replaces traditional heating materials. So if you consider the selection of this fuel for home fireplace, it is worthwhile to choose a tested and good-quality product which, owing to its efficiency, will not strain your budget and, in addition, will not be harmful to our environment.

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Color Inspiration – inspired by Italy oak floors from Jawor-Parkiet




Color Inspiration is the newest line of colored oak floor planks produced by Jawor-Parkiet. The collection is characterized by modern pattern-designing – five new colors and finishing coherent with international trends.

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FertigDeska Luxury – a phenomenally long plank from Jawor-Parkiet




More than two metres long, finished plank made out of the highest quality oaken wood constitutes the quintessence of elegance. Large size of the particular elements of the floor underlines natural wood pattern. Thanks to its layered construction the plank is especially resistant to deformation and can be applied on floor heating.

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Is Europe going to step on the Polish floors?




Is it good because it is Polish? We hear more and more often that the world fell in love with our native products – from ships to chickens. It is also widely known that Poland is a furniture basin of Europe. In this sector taking into consideration production possibilities we are placed as the 4th. Also the producers of other wooden products can experience good economic situation. Is there a chance for , for example, wooden floors to repeat the success of furniture?

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Two-ply floors – elegant and functional for years




Two-ply floors constitute an exceptionally noble and elegant solution. The choice of floors is, however, a decision for many years. This is why it is worth to choose not only an attractive, but also a modern and practical product.

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