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Color Inspiration – inspired by Italy oak floors from Jawor-Parkiet

The five new FertigDeska colors have been inspired by sunny Italy. The shades of white which can we found in Bianco and Avorio convey the heavenly atmosphere of the sandy beaches of Sardinia. The grayness Grigio and warm Rosolare brown bring to mind Tuscan olive groves and vineyards scorched by the sun in sizzling hot Calabria. Nero is the blackness of the volcanic sand from Vulcano.

The line is characterized by occasionally occuring sapwood and random fibres arrangement. Possible color differences and knots underline the natural character of the product. The original wood pattern has been especially exposed in the process of brushing. Four-sided bevelling adds dynamics to the floor, optically highlighting every element. The durability of the floor is guaranteed by three layers of oil-wax, which is applied on the planks in the process of production, making it ready for use just after the assembly. The choice of colors and finishing together with the highest quality of FertigDeska Color Inspiration make each interior look elegant, spectacularly and agelessly.

More about the Jawor-Parkiet FertigDeska:

It is a finished, varnished or oil-waxed floor with two-ply construction. It consists of a noble surface layer 4 mm or 6 mm thick, made out of oak, ash or exotic wood. The application of the underlayer simplifies the assembly and provides the floor with high resistance to deformation. In order to preserve the wood and show its natural esthetic value we cover the planks with eight layers of varnish or three layers of oil-wax. All the Jawor-Parkiet floors are given 30-years warranty. The two-ply planks thanks to its proper finishing on the stage of production are ready for use just after the assembly. The floor can also be applied on floor heating.

Relatively large size of the particular elements make this floor a perfect complement to spacious interiors which become optically enlarged.

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