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Is Europe going to step on the Polish floors?

The data on the Polish export shows that we have the reason to be satisfied. In November 2013 the export from Poland was 14,151 billion euro. It was increased for 5,3 percent compared to the previous year. The situation is dynamic and another branches start to have large contribution to this market.

- For many years Germany has remained the most significant customer of our products. We also deliver floors to Italy, Switzerland, Austria or Scandinavia. Despite the crisis we still note the export increase for about 4 percent per year – says Janusz Gawiński, The Head of the company.

The situation of the Manufacturer of Wooden Floors Jawor-Parkiet is stable. It is possible thanks to the fact that more than 20 years ago, when the Polish market was not yet ready for wooden floors, the company started the cooperation with German firms. After a couple of years, with appropriate recommendations, there were no problems to expand the export to other western countries. Today the export constitutes 80 percent of the company income.

The current situation favours the Polish export of wooden products, where more and more foreign companies, also exporting from Far East in the past, comes back to the Polish manufacturers. They appreciate the high quality of our domestic products, flexible forms of cooperation, the on-time realization of orders and the speed of delivery.

EU regulations are also meaningful. Implemented in 2013 the EUTR requirements, so the EU regulation on the legality of wood, imposing on entrepreneurs who introduce wood on the market the requirement to do it with due diligence. The regulation aimed at excluding from the market the materials coming from illegal and unclear sources from the high-risk areas – tropic countries, African countries or China. Currently the suppliers with less complicated and more transparent supply chain are enjoy people‟s trust and interest.

From the available data on various European countries emerges that the contribution of wood gained in compliance with the rules of balanced management is rising on the wooden market.

-To our partners it is meaningful that our floors have the FSC certificate confirming both the legality of the source our raw material comes from and high production standards. Some countries implemented the policy favouring deciduous wood from temperate zone coming from verified sources. Maybe that is the reason why we deliver them mainly floors (parquets, mosaics and planks) produced from oaken wood – adds Katarzyna Czajkowska the Head of the Jawor-Parkiet Trade Department.

The forecasts are optimistic. Especially that we have more and more examples in the country of a successful international cooperation based not only on trust and promptness, but also on a modern distribution of goods or an effective system of quality management having impact on costs optimization. It is because our wooden floors apart from quality offer something more – still very competitive prices in comparison to other countries.

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