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Two-ply floors – elegant and functional for years

Available on the market finished two-ply floors meet the expectations of even the most demanding user. They are simple in assembly, convenient in every-day care and also durable. When after many years its surface is going to demand refreshing it can undergo the process of grinding. A parquet and a two-ply plank have one more unquestionable asset – thanks to its layered construction it is adjusted to be applied on floor heating.

Two layers, many advantages

The success of the two-ply floors, such as FertigDeska or FertigParkiet produced by Jawor-Parkiet, lays in the way the floors are constructed. The surface layer, called also the noble layer, which is 4 mm or 6 mm thick, is made out of oak, ash or exotic wood. Contrary to three-ply floors, popular on the market, the underlayer is also made out of noble and more durable deciduous wood. The layers are arranged perpendicularly and deciduous wood is harder than coniferous wood. It allows to minimize any changes in its structure and makes the floor resistant to contraction and expansion caused by for example humidity changes in the surroundings.

Thanks to such a layered construction the floors are recommended for the application on floor heating. The two-ply technology allows for air circulation. It also enables to lessen the total thickness to 11 mm, so a couple of mm less in comparison with solid wood floors.


Easy and quick assembly

We all remember what parquet assembly meant in the past. The strenuous work of parquet fitters, dust from sanding and, finally, full of impatience waiting for the painted manually surface to be dry and ready for use.

It luckily does not apply to two-ply finished floors. Even though the assembly requires from a parquet fitter the knowledge of the wood specifics and the rules of its assembly, it is still easy and quick. FertigParkiet and FertigDeska during the production process are preserved with eight layers of varnish or three layers of oil-wax. Thanks to it the floors are ready for use right after the assembly. It has also an esthetical value – it is almost impossible to assembly such an even and uniform preserving layer in the process of manual varnishing.

What after the years of usage?

The preservation of the surface of a two-ply floor allows for its convenient use and nurturing for many years. Yet if we want to refresh the surface or add new gloss to it we can subject it to the process of grinding.

The thickness of the surface layer was chosen to be ready for multiple grinding within several dozen years of usage. The parquet and the two-ply plank with the total thickness of 14 mm has the noble layer 6 mm thick. For the comparison – in solid wood floors the layer is 8 mm thick and in the case of the popular three-ply floors (15 mm thick) 2,5 – 3,5 mm. During a singular process of renovation a raw material loss is 1,5 mm. The parameters of the product, thus, allow for its multiple renovations.

Multiple finishing possibilities

In order to adjust the floor to the individual needs of our customers and to add unique character to the interior there are several possibilities of finishing to choose. Probably the most significant is preserving it with a protective layer. The key difference between varnish and oil wax lies in the method of its conservation and renovation. Varnish does not demand maintenance, but it does not allow for punctual repairs, whereas oil-wax is more demanding in the issue of conservation, but allows for punctual complementing the protective layer.

A very interesting and currently fashionable effect of antiquating the floor we can gain by subjecting it to the process of brushing, which includes brushing the soft element of grain in order to create small pits. The process makes the structure of wood more exposed. Contrary to solid wood, there is a possibility to assembly the floor of this type in the un-bevelled version. Depending on the client‟s preferences, the plank and the two-ply parquet can undergo the process of bevelling on two or four sides.


THE KEY FEATURES OF THE TWO-PLY FINISHED FLOORS (FertigDeska, FertigParkiet produced by the Jawor-Parkiet company):

  • The possibility to apply it on floor heating
  • The bearing layer made out of deciduous wood which guarantees high durability,
  • An specially thick surface layer (6 mm) allows for its multiple grinding during the usage
  • A wide range of finishing possibilities: varnish/oil-wax; brushing; bevels V2 and V4/no bevels
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • The high quality of products confirmed with 30-years warranty

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