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About us


For over a quarter of a century natural beauty and the pursuit of perfection are what inspires our company and is the crowning of everything we manufacture. Creating our wooden floors we aim at giving them character that would decorate every interior. We believe that every interior will change with us into a stylish, elegant one, full of luxury and warmth.

The dynamic development of our company allows us to meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers. We are constantly looking for the best quality raw materials in the country and abroad. Modern production lines, examinations and endurance tests combined with long-term experience make our products unrivalled.


The cooperation with architects and designers makes us aware of customers„ needs and inspires us to the constant development of our design. Thanks to it we can not only satisfy Your needs but also go a step further, setting new trends. With the thought of people looking for modern solutions we incessantly enrich our offer creating innovative products, such as the original Linea series.


Wood from which we make our products is Mother Nature‟s work. Continuing this process we transfer raw beauty into subtle elegance. Every day we cross the barriers in the pursuit of perfection and observe with satisfaction how, thanks to our commitment and care for details, from high quality wood we produce perfect floors.


With the thought of varied needs of our customers we created a wide range of products, both from Polish and exotic wood. Each order we treat with due care, enabling our clients to choose finishing individually, providing them with suitable order delivery date. We are able to realize even the most sophisticated projects.


Nature opens the door to inspirations. We derive our inspiration from lush green forests and saphire Masurian waters, because the Masurian region is the place where our headquarters is located. Keeping in mind how important is wood in nature, we treat it with respect, taking care of its effective use and complying with the strict EU norms. Our floors are completely made out of natural raw materials and for its preservation we use only varnish and oils without solvents and harmful substances.


The quality of the products is our highest priority. This is why on each production step we pay great attention to it – starting from the selection of a raw material, through special precision of production up to searching control. We choose our partners meticulously and the preservation of our floors is taken care of by head oil and varnish producers. In order to give You free access to our products we have an extensive sales network. We invest in our workers“ development, conduct sales training – all that to provide You with perfect profesionalism.

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