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Registration regulations

Regulations for downloading and using files from www.jawor-parkiet.pl

1. The owner of all materials available at www.jawor-parkiet.pl is Przedsiębiorstwo Drzewne JAWOR with its registered office at ul. Grunwaldzka 87, 13-300 Nowe Miasto Lubawskie, and using the NIP number: 8771164376 and REGON: 870462741.

2. All photos and files contained on www.jawor-parkiet.pl are intended for use by architects, parquet floors and business partners, hereinafter referred to as "Contractor". The files are available after logging in to the above-mentioned website.

3. Przedsiębiorstwo Drzewne JAWOR consents to the use of photographs, trademarks and photographic arrangements available on the website www.jawor-parkiet.pl, to the extent necessary to provide marketing support for the sale of products in the trade offer of Przedsiębiorstwo Drzewnego JAWOR.

4. Files and photos downloaded from the website may be used only if information is provided that the copyrights are held by JAWOR Przedsiębiorstwo Drzewu.

5. Available photos and photographic arrangements can be used by the Contractor on its website if they are informative and promote products of Przedsiębiorstwo Drzewnego JAWOR.

6. All materials downloaded from www.jawor-parkiet.pl may be used for commercial purposes, provided that information about the source of their origin is provided.

7. Granting permission to use photographs, files and photographic arrangements does not mean transferring copyright or copyrights to the JAWOR Timber Company.

8. In case of using materials indicated in the regulations in a manner inconsistent with the original provisions of the regulations, Przedsiębiorstwo Drzewne JAWOR has the right to call for the violation and removal of photographs, trademarks or photo arrangements from the website, advertising materials, commercial documents or other places, which they will find.

9. Przedsiebiorstwo Drzewne JAWOR, apart from ceasing the infringements and removing their consequences, may also demand unreasonable profits and compensation for damages on general terms.

10. In matters not covered by these regulations, the provisions of Polish law shall apply.

11. In the event of violations of these regulations and the inability to reach an amicable settlement, the court competent to resolve the dispute will be the court competent for the seat of Przedsiębiorstwo Drzewnego JAWOR.

12. I agree to the processing of my personal data by Przedsiębiorstwo Drzewne JAWOR for the purposes necessary to register on the Website jawor-parkiet.pl, in accordance with the Act of August 29, 1997. on the protection of personal data (consolidated text Journal of Laws of 2002 No. 101, item 926). Przedsiębiorstwo Drzewne JAWOR informs that it is the sole administrator of your personal data and that you have the right to access your data and correct it. Providing personal information is voluntary.

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